CTX 3030

To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, an extensive range of accessories are available. These accessories are designed to add to your detectors versatility when you need to adapt to various detecting environments.

Genuine Minelab accessories ranging from cables to coils are designed to deliver optimum performance and as a result are supplied with a global Minelab warranty (terms and conditions apply).

A selection of Minelab accessory coils has also been designed to help you find more treasure across a range of environments and ground conditions. Whether you are looking for deep treasure in flat open ground, or searching in constricted spaces, there is an accessory coil that will optimise your detectors performance.

Find more treasure of all sizes and depths with specialist CTX accessory coils
Audio Accessories
Expand your audio options with our headphones and wireless audio accessories
Carry Bag
Protect and transport your detector with a handy carry bag


CTX 06 Smart Coil

The waterproof 6-inch round Double-D coil is very sensitive to small targets, and perfect for finding treasure in high trash areas. It is also ideal for maneuvering in difficult terrain. A protective skidplate is included.

Part No. 3011-0114

CTX 17 Smart Coil

The waterproof 17 x 13-inch elliptical Double-D coil provides maximum depth for specialised treasure hunting. It is also great for wide ground coverage in open spaces. A protective skidplate is included

Part No. 3011-0116

Coiltek 10x5 - inch Elliptical Coil

The 10 x 5" coil provides excellent sensitivity and target separation complementing the detectors ability. Fully submersible to 3 metres this coil matches the detectors submersible capabilities. This coil makes pinpointing easy, conveying an accurate location for fast retrieval. A protective skidplate is included.

For more information visit the Coiltek website, here.

Part No. C04-0016


Coiltek 14x9 - inch Double D Coil

This new open web elliptical coil is an exciting addition for the CTX 3030 detector. Fully submersible to 3 meters this coil makes pinpointing easy, conveying an accurate location for fast retrieval. It offers the perfect footprint when it comes to size without compromising depth.

Read our Treasure Talk blog 'Optimising Opportunities for CTX 3030' detectorists with the new 14x9 coil here.

For more information visit the Coiltek website, here.


Batteries & Chargers

Replaceable Battery Pack

Forgotten to charge your battery? This pack provides the option of using 8 x AA cells as an alternate power source.

*Stand alone battery pack is not waterproof. To become waterproof the battery must be attached to the waterproof seal on the CTX 3030.

Part No. 3011-0117

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

Replacement rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack. Charge via Minelab BC 10 battery charger.

*Stand alone battery pack is not waterproof. To become waterproof the battery must be attached to the waterproof seal on the CTX 3030.

Part No. 3011-0299


BC 10 Battery Charger

Charges GPZ 7000 and CTX 3030 Li-Ion battery pack.

Part No. 3011-0128

Audio Accessories

WM 10 Wireless Audio Module

Allows you to listen to Audio Wirelessly for greater freedom of movement. More than one WM 10 can be connected to CTX for group training or dual-mono immersive sound.

Part No. 3011-0120

Koss Headphones

Part No. 3011-0214

Waterproof Koss Headphones

Part No. 3011-0134

Headphone Module

Part No. 3011-0119

Carry Bag

Detector Carry Bag

Fits all Minelab Detectors

Part No. 3011-0277