GPZ 7000

To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, an extensive range of accessories are available. These accessories are designed to add to your detectors versatility when you need to adapt to various detecting environments.

Genuine Minelab accessories ranging from cables to coils are designed to deliver optimum performance and as a result are supplied with a global Minelab warranty (terms and conditions apply).

Carry Bag
Protect and transport your detector with a handy carry bag


19-inch Coil

Premium 19-inch accessory coil to get even greater depth from your GPZ 7000

Part No. 3011-0304

Batteries & Chargers

BC 10 Battery Charger

Charges GPZ 7000 and CTX 3030 Li-Ion battery pack.

Part No. 3011-0128

Audio Accessories

WM 12 Wireless Audio Module

Allows you to listen to audio wirelessly for greater freedom of movement. More than one WM 12 can be connected to GPZ 7000 for group training or dual-mono immersive sound.

Part No. 3011-0281

Headphone Module

Part No. 3011-0119

Koss Headphones

Part No. 3011-0214

Carry Bag

Detector Carry Bag

Fits all Minelab Detectors

Part No. 3011-0277