Sovereign GT

The Minelab Sovereign GTdetector was released in October 2005 and is no longer in production. The Sovereign Elite was a coin and relic detector utilising BBS technology.

Great detector with "ACCU-TRAK" DIGITAL Ground Tracking.

The Sovereign GT does it all! Turn it on, set the controls and start searching for coins and treasures. Only Minelab technology makes it this easy!

Whatever you’re looking for the Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need. The Sovereign GT discriminates between good targets and unwanted trash with astonishing depth and can be used from the park or building site to the sandy beach. This is an all terrain detector ready for any conditions providing maximum performance every time.

Perfect if you are looking for a machine offering outstanding performance in a traditional switch and knob package.


  • BBS multiple frequency technology means more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.
  • RCB amplifies weak target signals inside the coil, reducing noise and boosting faint, deep objects.
  • ACCU-TRAK digital ground balance makes the Sovereign GT ready for all terrains.
  • Iron mask mode – enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to trash. 
  • Incredible depth on targets allowing you to detect targets that VLF detectors just don’t see.
  • Two search bands to reduce the effect of interference from electricity or other detectors.
  • Waterproof 10” Tornado coil for wading shallow water.
  • Hunt longer and more comfortably with the new balanced deluxe shaft.

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