Countermine Training

Minelab places great emphasis on its operator and technician training support to customers. All Minelab Countermine staff are accredited instructors and qualified in adult education techniques.

Emphasis is placed on "hands on" practical instruction with the complexity of theoretical instruction dependent on the role of the student.

Minelab will provide its highly experienced instructors to any location to provide "Train the Trainer" sessions.

Operator and maintenance training documentation can be downloaded on this page for the following mine and IED detectors:

F3 | F3 Compact | F3Ci

F3 Operator & Maintenance Training

F3 Operator Training

Due to the ease of use of the F3 mine detector and the low requirement for spare parts, tools, equipment and maintenance the requirement for training at all levels is minimal.

F3 Mine Detector Instructors Notes and Syllabus Issue 1.3 03-06.pdf - 1.09 MB
F3 Mine Detector Operator Training EN Rev.1.4 - 3.15 MB

F3 Maintenance Training

Levels of Maintenance for the F3 mine detector comprise:

Level 1
Level 1 maintenance includes replacement of all major components and most minor components of the F3 mine detector. This level of maintenance can be conducted at demining field sites or local depots if required. Level 1 maintenance includes full functional testing of the detector and does not require any specialized facilities but does require the F3 Service Tool Kit.

Level 2

Level 2 maintenance encompasses Level 1 maintenance plus repairs to the earset earphone and coil socket replacement. This level of maintenance requires basic electronic workshop facilities and the F3 Service Tool Kit.

Level 3
Level 3 maintenance encompasses Level 1 and Level 2 maintenance, plus electronics pack PCB repair. Level 3 repairs are only conducted at Minelab's repair workshops located in Australia, Ireland and the USA.

F3 Mine Detector Service Manual EN 4904-0004-4 - 1.41 MB

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F3 Compact Operator & Maintenance Training

F3 Compact Operator Training


F3Ci Operator & Maintenance Training

F3Ci Operator Training

F3Ci Maintenance Training

F3Ci IED Detector Service Manual Rev.1 - 2.28 MB

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