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Update: June 6, 2013 

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As part of our GENUINE MINELAB, GENUINE PERFORMANCE, STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we are pleased to announce the latest development in our anti–counterfeit activities - the introduction of a new SMS verification system for our GPX Series detectors.

This is a major update to our current anti-counterfeit measures and will enable you to independently verify your Minelab GPX Series detector.

Before you begin the verification process, ensure you have the Product Serial Number of your Minelab GPX Series detector and either the word or code in the hidden image on the security label, close by.

Product Serial Number location: Security label hidden image location:

Security label details - word or code

Please note that there are three (3) possible styles of hidden image on the security label. (These are examples only. There are more images available).


To ensure that you have a GENUINE MINELAB, the images should be:

  clear and rainbow-coloured

  contain rainbow colours in the word ‘Genuine’ and

  appear on a pure silver coloured background


 Fake security labels 

These are examples of fake Security label images.


 How to verify your Minelab GPX Series detector through the new SMS verification system in 5 steps

Step 1:   Go to the SMS function on your mobile phone

Step 2:   Enter the number: + 61 458 727 727 into the 'To' field

Step 3:   In the text field enter:  Product Serial Number press SPACE then enter the hidden word or code from your security label

Step 4:   Press Send

Step 5:   Await response from Minelab

Here's an example of what the SMS should look like:

 Responses from Minelab and actions to take: 

There are three (3) possible responses to your verification SMS:

Response Action to take
Minelab YES * OUI * SI
No action required, if you have received this message PLUS you have a rainbow-coloured image on your security label.
For example:
Minelab Try Again +61 458 727 727 *
Essayez à nouveau +61 458 727 727 *
Intente de Nuevo + 61 458 727 727 *
Send the SMS again.
Re-enter the Product Serial Number, a space and then the hidden word or code. Send to +61 458 727 727.
Check that the information you enter is correct before sending.
Important notes:
  1. You MUST include a space between the Product Serial Number and the hidden word or code.
  2. If you have a Minelab GPX Series detector with a Serial Number beginning with a letter 'B' this MUST be included in the text, ie B1234567.
  3. Do NOT send your SMS response to the 'From' number in the reply message - ensure the SMS is sent to: + 61 458 727 727.
Minelab Contact Dealer, OR *
Contactez un revendeur, OU * Contacte el Vendedor de Minelab, OU
Contact your nearest Minelab Dealer or Distributor who will be able to explain to you why you have received this message or assist you in verifying your Minelab GPX Series detector. Should you require further assistance you can:
  1. Send an email to
  2. Contact your Regional Minelab office

Points to note - including legal disclaimer:

  • Minelab reply messages will be translated into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • The SMS verification system will work worldwide
  • The response will be generated within 30 seconds, however there may be a delay in delivery of the SMS due to local network capability
  • Legal disclaimer: By using the SMS Verification System, you are giving permission to Minelab to use the mobile phone number from which you sought to verify your product. This may be used for customer service purposes relating to the product which you have purchased and sought to verify using the SMS Verification System, for example to offer customer service assistance in the event of repeated "Try Again" messages. As explained in the Terms and Conditions of Use for the SMS Verification System which you must read and consider prior to using the System (these are located in full at,) you can opt out of receiving this customer service support from Minelab at any time, by sending an email including your mobile phone number to, with "Opt Out" in the subject heading.

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