André Wende


Ever since André was a young boy he's had a keen interest in history. He started out collecting fossils with his father before he discovered metal detecting a few years ago. 

André mainly detects in the farm fields and woods around his village of lower Franconia — Bavaria. He also loves to explore the history around the village, often working with local archaeologists and historians working in the surrounding areas of the village. Through detecting, André has made countless friends and shared his experience with many people. He has been fortunate enough to attend detecting events all across Europe and through this has made connections with many detectorists all over the world. 

For André it's not about the monetary value of a find, but the history behind it. Two of his most memorable finds to date include a medieval battle axe (1250 — 1500 AD) and an enamel disc fibula from the 10th century (which is now on display in a local museum).



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