Che Chapman


Che, a 30-something year old gold prospector from Perth, grew up chasing waves with my mates. In 2011, prior to a road trip through far-north Queensland, Che got his first detector, a Minelab GPX 4000, and promptly caught gold fever. Five years later, a job offer in Western Australia had him looking at maps and researching goldfields, he was itching to get out and detect for gold! Che took the job, sold about 20 surfboards and moved his wife and two kids 5000 kilometers away to the WA outback.

Soon after moving Che met a work mate willing to take him out with his new Minelab GPX 5000 searching for gold. Che's most memorable find was on hisfirst day detecting, as he walked back to the car for a break, not even swinging the detector, a signal went off, Che looked down to see a 5 gram sunbaker.

It wasn’t long till both Che and his mate decided to upgrade to the GPZ 7000 and they've not looked back since. Gold prospecting is a rewarding hobby for Che, in so many ways. He enjoys being out in the vast landscapes of the outback, remarking "it’s truly spectacular, especially early and late in the day when the red earth colours light up. I love the adventure, the search and there’s just nothing like having a good day detecting and coming home with some gold."



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