Derek McLennan


Derek has held a life long interest in history and historical research, however it wasn't until 2011 that he was first able to get into detecting. He's wasted little time though as he's paired his love of history with his passion for detecting and now works as a full-time 'Hoard Hunter'. Along with his wife, Sharon, he has identified, discovered and helped in the recovery of fourteen treasure hoards across Scotland and England. His finds have ranged from the Bronze Age (3500 BC) through the medieval period (14th Centure AD).

Derek's most memorable, and most significant, find was The Galloway Hoard, regarded as the richest collection of rare and unique Viking age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland.

On top of his time in the field, Derek also writes about metal detecting for a number of international detecting and lifestyle magazines as well as assisting in research for several international televisions shows.



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