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John Los


Based in Amsterdam, John Los has been searching for treasure since age ten, but started metal detecting with his twin brother Marco in their teens. Many years later, they rediscovered the hobby and started a YouTube channel, "Hunting Coins". 

John has tried a variety of detectors over the past six years, eventually getting his hands on the Minelab EQUINOX 800 a year ago. He describes the EQUINOX as a "step up for me and my brother."

He loves detecting as it allows him to be outdoors, enjoy the scenery, and experience the thrill of not knowing what you will dig up, "For me, it's therapy working as a stress relief", John comments.

Primarily detecting on pasture lands and on the beach during the summer, John's most memorable finds include discovering two gold coins on two different fields within half an hour, and the time he found a silver diamond pendant for a farmer's mother — it had been lost for fifty-three years, but John found it in ten minutes.




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