Leigh Webber


Hailing from Bondi Beach, Leigh (known to most as Bondi Treasure Hunter) spent his teenage years out surfing in the water. On a flat day Leigh headed out to do some snorkelling along the rocks and noticed a few coins at a popular jump off spot. After diving down and picking up loads of coins the light bulb went off and he realised he needed to get a waterproof metal detector. Leigh took a flight down to Melbourne to buy a second hand EXCALIBUR II and has been hooked ever since. Nowadays the surfboard is getting very dusty and Leigh spends most of his time detecting underwater for jewellery at beaches and in swimming holes.

Treasure Hunting has opened up a new world for Leigh. With every old find he jumps online to find out all he can about the item. For Leigh, detecting has been like the best history teacher ever and he loves the opportunity to head out and discover even more. He has learned about gold, gems and coins as well as artefacts and whatever else turns up under his coil.

Leigh regularly travels around Australia, and the world, treasure hunting. During his travels he has made some amazing finds and had some incredible adventures along the way. Though the friends he’s made from the hobby has always been the highlight. ‘You would think that putting on a pair of headphones and walking around a field or diving underwater would be the most unsocial hobby imaginable…’ remarks Leigh, ‘… but that is definitely not the case.’ 




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