Lubos Grznar


Lubos Grznar, also known as militaryfinder1945, is a treasure-hunter who has specialised in the era of World War Two since 1998. Hailing from Slovakia, from the former historical Engerau, he focuses on events at the end of the war in lower Austria.

Lubos recalls the first time his father bought home a metal detector — he had already seen many great finds online and quickly found himself, "as motivated as Indiana Jones". He began metal detecting in 1999, first discovering and documenting the intact part of the fortification Sudostwall.

Lubos' metal detecting and relic hunting YouTube channel, militaryfinder1945, is dedicated to battlefield archeology, in which Lubos shows his audience the remains which were left behind in Europe post World War Two.

His favourite part about metal detecting is finding things, talking with other detectorists about their experiences from digging, and helping people to start detecting as a hobby. He considers his most memorable finds two SA daggers, silver treasures, and a Hungarian guard gorget. 





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