Matthew Tomaini


Matthew Tomaini (also known as Jersey Digger) has been detecting since 1993. Matthew primarily detects in the water but also loves to get out to the beach, farm field and woods when he can’t get out into the water. 

Matthew was introduced to metal detecting by a neighbour after after seeing his collection of civil war buttons he'd dug. A quick explanation of all things detecting and how to get started was all it took for Matthew to become hooked!

Driven by the mystery of what his next target will be, Matthew loves the thrill and indescribable feeling of looking into your scoop or plug and seeing a gold ring or historical item.

His most memorable find is a gold ring with 283 diamonds in it, while his most memorable day detecting was the time he found seven gold rings in one day while water detecting with four friends. As a group they found 17 gold rings total!




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