Matty Tomaini


Matty Tomaini, from Digging Adventures/Digging with Matty, began detecting at seven years old. He grew up accompanying his family on detecting trips and loved watching his dad so much that he began metal detecting as well. Matty enjoys all types of metal detecting from relic hunting in fields and wooded areas through the cooler weather, to beach and water hunting over summer.

Matty loves detecting as it enables him to discover things that he may never have had otherwise had the chance to see. Matty says of detecting “We are saving history and if we don’t detect, it could be lost forever”. 

Matty's most memorable find is his 1774 Spanish 2 Reale, which he uncovered while detecting with his dad. When asked about detecting experiences, the one that stands out most for him is the day he found his first “real” target. It was the plate to an old lock which takes a skeleton key. He says that when he found that plate, he was so excited that he was hooked on detecting. Matty hopes that other kids who see him detecting will want to try it too!





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