Sharon McLennan


Sharon first picked up a detector as a child in outback Western Australia, her earliest detecting memories are of pulling the bright yellow gold from the deep red Australian dirt. Many years later in 2010, seeking a better work-life balance she got her own detector and headed out into one of Scotlands worst winters. Since then, detecting has become her life.

With so many great finds to her name it's difficult to narrow down her best detecting experiences but for Sharon, discovering a Roman sling-shot hoard and her involvement with the discover of The Galloway Hoard are right up there. However one of her best finds was her now-husband, Derek, who she discovered while out detecting in a field.

Combining detecting with her background in teaching, Sharon has developed and delivered educational programmes around the experience of detecting, to both school children and PTSD veterans. She passionately believes detecting is a positive and beneficial experience for all and is dedicated to sharing this with everyone she can.




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